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Avant-Garde European Art, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec [1864 -1901]

Color Giclees, limited edition, numbered & certified, framed finished size 20x24" 















Yvette Clownesse assise La grande loge, 1896 The actress Marcelle Lender
Yvette Guilbert Clownesse assise La grande loge The actress
Marcelle Lender
Partie de Campagne, 1882 La goulue at the moulin rouge, 1892 Divan Japonais Yvette Gilbert -3, 1895
Partie de Campagne La goulue at the Moulin rouge Divan Japonais Yvette Gilbert 
 La modiste, 1900 Jane April, 9 Yvette Guilbert 2 Yvette Guilbert taking call
 La modiste Jane April  Yvette Guilbert 2 Yvette Guilbert
taking call
Lautrec Reine de joie  Crouching woman with red hair In the rue des moulins, 1894 Woman drinking, 1889 
Reine de joie  Crouching woman with red hair In the rue des moulins Woman drinking
Maxim de Thomas at the opera ball, 1896 Chasseur et chien, 1884 Cavalier, 1880 Cabaret artistique
Maxim de Thomas at
opera ball
Chasseur et chien Cavalier Cabaret artistique
In a private room at the rat mort The start of the quadrille, 1892  
In a private room at the rat mort The start of the quadrille


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec [1864 -1901] Born in Albi, father Alphonse and Mother Adèle from aristocratic family, the Comte and Comtesse were first cousins, Henri suffered from a number of congenital health conditions, he broke both legs in childhood, he is a great Painter, lithographer, draftsman,  during his convalescence he turned to drawing and painting, In 1882 he began studying art in Paris, where he met van Gogh & Degas, in 1889 He exhibited at the salon des Indépendants & in Brussels. In 1891 his first posters brought him immediate recognition.

Toulouse-Lautrec a revolutionary artist truly captured the Parisian nightlife of the Montmartre where he lived, He painted quickly frequently in thinned oil paint on unprimed cardboard, Japanese prints inspired him, his paintings were often studies for lithographs.

Lautrec said I don't belong to any school, I work in my corner, Hospitalized for alcoholism in 1899, he continued making art and died in 1901