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Avant-Garde European Art, Egon Schiele Austria

Color Giclees, limited edition, numbered & certified,  framed finished size 20x24"















Portrait of the artists wife standing Seated woman with bent knee Portrait of the artists wife Seated Female nude with raised right arms
Edith shiele Seated Standing girl blue dress & green stocking Standing woman in green shirt The green stocking
The artists wife seated holding her right leg The artists wife seated Stehender weiblicher akt


Egon Schiele was born in Tulln,  his mother Marie from Bohemia & His father Adolf worked for the Austrian State Railways died when Egon was 15 years old, hi lived with his uncle Leopold Czihaczec who became distressed by Schiele's lack of interest in academic studies. In 1906 Schiele went to School of Arts and Crafts in Vienna, he studied painting and drawing in the same school Gustav Klimt studies and where Adolf Hitler was rejected in 1907, Schiele knew Hitler from Vienna.

In 1907 Klimt generously mentored younger artists and he took a particular interest in the gifted young Schiele, buying his drawings, offering to exchange them for some of his own, arranging models for him and introducing him to potential patrons. In 1908 Schiele had his first exhibition, Schiele left the Academy in 1909.

Klimt invited Schiele to exhibit some of his work at the 1909 Vienna Kunstschau, where he encountered the work of Edward Munch & Van Gogh  among others. Once free of the constraints of the Academy's conventions, Schiele began to explore the human form and human sexuality. At the time, many found the explicitness of his works disturbing.

In 1911, Schiele met the seventeen-year-old Valerie (Wally) Neuzil, who lived with him in Vienna and served as model for some of his paintings. she had previously modelled for Gustav Klimt.